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Menus and Reservations

Under this section, cafe owners will find great tips on how to position their cafe spaces to attract the right clients for special events. There are also great ideas on different ways cafe owners can forge partnerships with event companies as they provide crucial links with event organisers. For clients, this section also explains some of the things you will need to consider before hiring a venue for your function. 

Marketing Tips

If you are a cafe owner and looking for tried-and-tested tips to market your cafe, this section has a wealth of ideas for you. The best thing about this site is that the information has been curated to provide solutions to some of the unique challenges cafes are facing at the moment. If your cafe has been having a hard time meeting its revenue targets, you will find a lot of inspiration here on the different ways through which you can break that cycle.  The site has great tips and insights for both clients and business owners. Whatever your needs are, this site has everything you might be interested in knowing about cafes in Saltaire.